Using Silk Painting to Produce Product – Oil Pots

By Barbara Gabogrecan

IMGP0036You know how to paint on silk and probably have painted scarves, wall hangings or even have some framed work for exhibition.

Now you are wondering what else can you make, using your silk painting skills? Some folk make a variety of fashion clothing. I have never gone in this direction as I cannot sew. But I did purchase a lovely jacket, using the salt technique, but it was painted on extremely fine pure wool! Yes, silk and wool are both natural fibres and can be painted with the same dyes and have the colours which are set by steaming.

If you are trying to produce a range of products that will sell (mainly because of the appeal of the colour, rather than functionality) why not try covering an object with your silk?

I made a series of ceramic oil pots covered with silk. I decorated the neck of the pot with a colourful ribbon tie and an artificial flower. They were so appealing that a major retailer ordered fifty for their catalogue sales.

This meant that I had to package them to not only look good, but to also protect them from breaking. I also had to keep everything as cheap as possible. My husband worked out a pattern for a box and lid which we cut out of corrugated cardboard. It looked great, but hand cutting fifty boxes and hot gluing them together, was enormously time consuming. But we made the deadline. The retailer featured them in their catalogue. Three days later they rang and asked for another fifty! We had no stock, so worked day and night and got them completed and sent in two days. The day we sent them we got another call, asking for another fifty.

This example just goes to show how you can be imaginative and put together a new product line built around your silk painting skills.

The real advantage you have is that silk is so colourful and looks so exiting, that wherever you use it, it will attract attention.

Hints and Tips
Use your imagination and creative painting skills to work out a product that will sell. This can become a ‘bread and butter’ line while you concentrate on painting for exhibitions.

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