Using Anti-fusant and Mixed Media on Silk Paintings

Introduction by Barbara Gabogrecan

I am so delighted that Tina Lane has written another post.

Most silk painters do not mix their media as Tina has done with this tiger painting. I am so impressed though, that I am dying to try such a mix myself. It may not suit silk scarves (wearable art) but as a framed painting it would be fantastic.

What do you think of this ‘Tiger Painting’?


My ‘Tiger Painting’
In order to control the spread of the paint within the face of the tiger I used a coating of anti-fusant. It is quite a smelly substance but once it is dry that is no longer the case. Once dry I used a soft pencil to lightly outline the main features of the face, eyes, nose and black fur markings.

Next I began to add the details with a fairly dry brush and gradually built up the textures of the fur and details within the eyes. Once I was happy with the general look of the face I decided to add the background which didn’t have any anti-fusant used within it as I wanted to allow the paints to spread and blend easily.

When I felt the background was complete I continued with the finer details within the face. I found that I couldn’t achieve the effects I wanted within the white areas of the fur so I experimented with various mediums including pastel pencils and white acrylic paint which I also used to paint the whiskers.

This painting was a great learning curve for me and it took me around 50hrs to complete. I entered it into a competition but it wasn’t selected and to be honest I don’t think I could have parted with it so maybe it’s just as well it wasn’t. I have heard from various artists that silk paintings aren’t recognised as works of art but I have to disagree with that as I have seen many wonderful paintings done on silk which are undoubtedly works of art.
You can contact Tina Lane by email if you would like to know more about her and her wonderful silk painting art work.


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