Fit For a Queen

This is the first of my new Premier Collection. The design features a constant movement of flowering orchids, intertwined with lines and shapes, along the length of the silk scarf. This design also uses an exotic gold line throughout, enhancing this work of art.

"Fit For a Queen"

“Fit For a Queen”

“Fir For a Queen” full length

Watch this short video to view the full length of this magnificent work of art

Only 1 painting of this design is now available.


With every scarf, you receive a FREE full length video of the artist at work, demonstrating how the design you have ordered is produced.

Be one of the select few to own and wear this unique work of art


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2 thoughts on “Fit For a Queen

  1. Saskia Peek

    Oh m goodness, this is beautiful. You need to work with a clothing designer. I will look at the rest and may have to buy one. Do you design on consignment?

    1. Peter Post author

      Hello Saskia-thank you so much for your lovely comments. I guess we all paint for ourselves, but it is extra special when others enjoy our work too. Yes, I do not paint on consignment and only paint designs to order. I do paint some designs according to the need of the client, but mostly they are my designs. Currently I am doing the ‘Fit For a Queen’and changing colours to meet the need of the client. I had a look at your very lovely website and thought that some designs could be made for brides to make their wedding attire very unique….what do you think? I note that you have joined my Facebook network – that’s great….hope you like dogs! Warm wishes, Barb


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