The Creative Side of Your Brain Needs to be Activated

Life drawing of man

A life drawing of Barbara Gabogrecan’s with an emphasis on negative space with the use of black 6b pencil

Most people understand that our left and right side of the brain have different purposes. An artist will tend to develop the right side of the brain more than others normally do. Therefore, if you want to learn to draw, design and in general, be more creative, you have to make the right side of the brain work harder. This is the creative side of your brain which needs to be activated.

Left Brain
The left side of your brain is normally used more extensively. This is the part that helps you with language, logic, critical thinking, numbers and reasoning. It is also the side that controls the right hand.

Right Brain
The right side of the brain is used for such things as creativity, intuition, thoughtfulness and subjectivity. It is also the side that controls the left hand.

The easiest and quickest way to make the right side of the brain become more active is to use your left hand. If, like me, you are extremely right handed, this will be difficult for you, not only to comprehend, but to actually do exercises using the left hand. However, the more open you are to accepting this process, the quicker your drawing skills will develop. By the way, if you are left handed, change to your right hand for the exercise.

When I first went to Art College and joined the life drawing class, the teacher was horrified. I really was that bad. So, she set me up differently to all the others. Whereas they might spend an hour drawing a nude figure, I was not allowed to draw for more than 5 minutes. Every 5 minutes I also had to change position (as the model could not move – I had to) and I had to draw with my left hand, using a continuous line.

I really struggled, but bit by bit my drawing improved. However, I do not think that even the teacher thought that by the end of the year I would top the college in drawing – but I did! Since then, I have always taught my students in the same way as she taught me; and it continues to work. To watch young children of 13+ improve their drawing skills so dramatically is indeed exciting.

Even now, if I have not drawn for a couple of months, I still start off my drawing by undertaking the same techniques as my teacher taught me in college.

I have set up a series of exercises to develop the creative side of the brain for those who join my online silk painting course. You will be surprised how much your silk painting artwork will improve.

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