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Adding Value to The Sale of Your Silk Paintings

I must admit, I am as excited about the presentation, packaging and marketing of my product as I am about painting it. Not many artists want to get involved with the building of a business, marketing, promotion, presentation, packaging etc. They just want to create and paint. This attitude often works against them, when it comes to selling their product.

My thoughts are “If I am going to produce a beautiful painting on silk, I want the new owner to first be amazed (and delighted) with the packaging and presentation of the product”. Therefore, I put a lot of thought into the best way I can do this.

Painting on Silk Without Using Gutta or Resist


The patterns are created by allowing dyes on wet silk to meet with dyes on dry silk plus the use of salt.

Many folk do not even want to commence silk painting because of the difficulty of using gutta (a type of liquid rubber) to hold the colours together and to stop them from running into each other as new colours and shapes are added to the design.

Some artists have overcome this problem and this video shows how Urvashi Gupta manages to produce some beautiful work without using gutta.

Using Paint Rather Than Dyes on Silk

Daniel Jean-Baptiste water effectBased on the Video by Artist Daniel Jean-Baptiste

In the text below, Barbara Gabogrecan gives her description and critique based on the video


It is somewhat confusing when one speaks of Silk Painting as there are two distinct types of silk art. One paints using dyes and the other uses paint. Daniel Jean-Baptiste uses liquid pigment paints which requires different techniques, but will still give lovely vibrant colours, enhancing the luminosity of the silk.

Barbara Gabogrecan Holds Her First Online Exhibition


Grevillea – exhibition piece

Gabogrecan has taught art for a number of years both in secondary colleges in Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria (in Australia).

She left teaching to build her own silk painting business and had some wonderful success. Gabogrecan won 7 of the Australian Gift of the Year Awards; had work displayed in Birmingham, Dusseldorf, Osaka (x2), Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Nagoya; had fashion accessories and tourist product produced under sixteen licenses; had six successful ‘sell out’ art exhibitions.

The Creative Side of Your Brain Needs to be Activated

Life drawing of man

A life drawing of Barbara Gabogrecan’s with an emphasis on negative space with the use of black 6b pencil

Most people understand that our left and right side of the brain have different purposes. An artist will tend to develop the right side of the brain more than others normally do. Therefore, if you want to learn to draw, design and in general, be more creative, you have to make the right side of the brain work harder. This is the creative side of your brain which needs to be activated.