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Alternative Way to Hang a Silk Painting

Silk Wall Hanging

This wall hanging was hung in the Foyer of a Heritage Listed building in East Melbourne, Australia.

After my last post where I talked about hanging a silk painting by wrapping the silk around a canvas frame, I have had a number of folk contact me asking if they can just hang a silk painting from the wall, like a curtain. So, I thought I would share with you how I hang wall hangings.

Presenting and Framing Your Silk Painting for Sale

Aussie Triptych_1200

A triptych is framed under glass with a double mount to stop the silk from touching the glass

Once an artist has painted their silk, they have to then consider how to present it to a potential customer. The presentation will depend on a number of things:-

  • Is it wearable art e.g. scarves?
  • Is it a painting to be hung on the wall?
  • Is it an unframed wall hanging?