Subtle Use of Colour to Create a Work of Art

Based on the Video by Artist Katarzyna Pander-Liszka

In the text below, Barbara Gabogrecan gives her description and critique based on the video


Katarzyna Pander-Liszka

Click on image to see it enlarge – you will also see this beautiful line work more clearly in the video below

Katarzyna Pander-Liszka demonstrates a large work of art using very subtle silk dye colours. The work starts off with a beautiful, intricate design. This design really does emphasise the importance of having a strong design before you commence your painting.

Dye is painted on dry silk so that the colous move quickly and evenly, easily filling in the shapes. Shape and colour are the main elements of design used in the strong patterns of this work of art.  The element, tone is used very subtly by adding a little more water to the colour. This method adds a great feeling of sensitivity to the work.

Texture is not an element that is used, though some of the intricate patterns do give a sense of texture in sections of the plants. To keep the subtle qualities of the design, one colour is often painted over more than one shape, then a subtle, harmonious, slightly darker colour is applied to some of the overlapping patterns/shapes.

This work gives a very different effect compared to the strong colours that most artists use when painting on silk. Once again, it shows the versatility of silk for artists to express their own unique creativity.

Gabogrecan’s Hints and Tips

Never fall into the trap of thinking that all paintings using various tools or media, will look similar. All art very much depends on the skill and creativity of the artist. That is why it is often advisable for an artist to experiment with a variety of media, particularly in the early days of their artistic endeavours.


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30 thoughts on “Subtle Use of Colour to Create a Work of Art

  1. Lance Gane

    I agree. Unfortunately, many art teachers completely ignore modern forms of art in favour of the traditional.

  2. sarah keating

    I love these silk painting techniques. The results are so vibrant and colorful. You’ve given me a new desire to experiment with this media.

  3. Mona

    Nice advice. Personally, I prefer softer, muted, subtle color in artwork. Not bright, glaring colors that remind me of neon signs!

  4. Debbie Boulier

    Every persons skill is different, and so is their creativity. No two painting will ever be alike I think. Painting is also a great stress reliever, and sometimes that shows in art.

  5. Chris W.

    I love your use of subtle color changes. It certainly adds more depth and dimension to your work. I would love to incorporate more subtle color changes in my quilts. I think that it would add a new element to my designs.

  6. Cicilia E

    What an awesome blog.

    In high school I entered an art class and was stuck with colors and how to use them. I hope this blog will help someone just as I’m sure it would have helped me years ago.

  7. Brandon A

    Experimentation is a wonderful thing. When I used to take art classes on weekends, our instructor would have us try our hands at all different types of media. I loved it. It helps you step out of your comfort zone and create beautiful pieces you likely didn’t believe yourself capable of.

  8. james

    I love to create art in my spare time. In has taken me several years of trial and error to learn that I am quite good at using pastels. I would recommend trying to experiencing various forms of art as much as possible so you can find what your true artistic calling is.

    1. Peter Post author

      I find pastels so hard to use – I think I do not like the messiness of them (or charcoal) – so well done! Would you like to send me a photo of one? I could include it on this website too. Email to Cheers Barb

  9. Mike Teberio

    This really is such a work of art i have seen nothing like this before and i have showed all my friend’s and family this as well and they are very satisfied. Someday we wish too learn how too make art like this because it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for showing me such work i can’t wait too see more !!!

  10. Ana B.

    Beautiful demonstration of the subtle use of color. I agree that artists should experiment with different types of media, because, as this example shows, so much depends on the particular skills of the artist.

  11. Kristina

    I am new to all forms of art and I am always looking out for new things to discover. Silk art is something I haven’t heard much about, but it looks very fascinating. The end results are fabulous. One day I would like to do something like that, but I think I still have a lot of learning to do before that.

  12. Ben McKinnon

    Most definitely agree with variations and styles and the uniqueness of every artist, and every piece of artwork at that. No two things are the same and this goes especially to the crafts.

    Having said that, everyone has the potential to offer something that someone will adore. You just have to give it your all!

  13. jane

    I tend to find solace in artwork. Art is subjective. Some find contemporary art too loud while others think it is great. I think it is all beautiful.

  14. Meghmala

    Wonderful demonstration .I will be able to learn how to make art like this because it is absolutely beautiful.

  15. goodvillager

    I don’t think I have a single artistic bone in my body, but I have a strong appreciation for the clever use of colour in artistic works as well as practical/functional design. Some think that bold use of colour is the way to go, but you can have equally dramatic and moving effects when applied subtly.

    1. Peter Post author

      I love your comments, but please don’t say that you do not have an artistic bone in your body – EVERYONE is able to be creative. Whether it is music, singing, dancing, painting or floral decoration – their are millions of ways to be artistic and creative. I have taught so many adults who think like you and they are amazed at what they have been able to accomplish – but you have to have an open mind and be prepared to really involve yourself in the skills I teach. If you (or anyone you know) would be interested in an online silk painting course, please have a look at Barb

  16. simon nomicas

    This type of art seems very relaxing and is different from what i have seen before.I think the artist is very talented.

  17. Christ Loker

    This silk painting is so good! I have purchased 3 silk art pieces and they make my room very delightful and pretty. Not only does it make my room look good, but it creates great interest from my friends.

  18. linda

    great analysis of the art based on the video. It’s great to see people taking time to appreciate good art.

  19. md rezaul hasan razu

    This kind of of art seems very good and very relaxing and like this different from what i have never seen before.I think the artist is very very talented.


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