Silk Painting is Both an Art and a Craft

By Tina Lane

Introduction by Barbara Gabogrecan
In my earlier discussion on ‘Is Silk Painting Art or Craft’ I was delighted to receive this post from Tina Lane. I believe she is a very unique ‘expert’. Her technique of silk painting differs from any other works I have seen. I just wish I could see the actual paintings of her tigers; the photograph alone ‘blows my mind’!

My definition of ‘expert’ is one who knows something or can do something that others don’t know/do. So I clearly rate Tina as an ‘expert’ and greatly admire her works of art.

It is true that all works of art contain an element of craft – that is how you complete the work of art – the craft tools allow you to express what you are trying to say in your art work.

Thank you so much Tina for contributing to this Blog.
Barbara Gabogrecan


The question of whether silk painting is art or craft is a very interesting topic indeed and although I’m by no means an expert on the subject I would say it depends on the finished piece.

I have been painting on silk for the past 2 yrs and during this time I have learnt that while there are aspects of craft required for the control of the process there is no doubt that many wonderful works of art can be achieved using this magical medium.

I have painted several big cat pictures on silk using anti-fusant to prevent the flow of paint within the animal shape, but I do not use the anti-fusant in the background. There is no special reason I do this other than to differentiate between the two and it is just part of my unique style.

Some people have said to me “why do this on silk and not watercolour etc?”  I understand this sentiment, however, there is something quite special when it comes to painting on silk and it needs to be seen in reality to fully appreciate what I mean.

I am still experimenting and have used acrylic paints as well as pastels on some of my work including my tiger painting. My personal opinion is that my silk paintings are more works of art than craft, but there are elements of both within the process of creating them.
Contact Tina Lane directly via email to find out more about her  delightful art work completed on silk.

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