Silk Painting Designs Inspired By Famous Artists

By Diana Kisirauskiene

Diana K Large roses paintingMy name is Diana Kisirauskiene and I am a silk painter. I was born in Lithuania, but currently reside in South West England, Swindon town.

I started my journey as a silk painter in 2007, this being the first time that I painted on silk. I have been interested and fascinated with painting since childhood. Now I wanted to discover what was possible when painting on silk.

Flowers in particular are my specialty. Chinese art also interests me. In some of my work I use the design techniques of famous artists. Van Gogh, Climt, Dali, Mucha and Kandinsky have all inspired me. However, I find painting on silk the most interesting form of expression that never ends. In addition to this, I also pursue other forms of art – felting, jewellery and decoupage.

My biggest passion remains my love of silk painting. I have learned so many different techniques when painting on silk, but I am still searching for new opportunities in this art form.

Painting to me is like meditation, relaxing and creating things what i like the most. I am still on a journey of discovering new features and techniques; I feel I am in love with it; its my passion, my dream, my destiny!!!!!!!

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Hints and Tips by Barbara Gabogrecan

Thank you so much for your comments Diana. Your work is indeed beautiful and some show incredible detail. I am sure our readers would love to know how you achieve this detail. I have had a look at your website I love your quote on your home page “A picture is a poem without words”. You have some delightful landscapes and I love the painting depicting birds. I too have been influenced by Van Gogh, Climt and Chinese art. I really do think that everyone painting on silk should study the work of some of their favourite artists and learn more about how they used the seven elements of design. I do hope that you will find time to look at some of the other posts and leave a comment.

34 thoughts on “Silk Painting Designs Inspired By Famous Artists

  1. Mark

    These silk paintings are fantastic. I imagine it must be really difficult I can hardly paint on paper so I am most impressed by your work! Dou have have any hints or tips for an amateur like me?

  2. Austin

    Like you said, some really gorgeous pieces of artwork here for everyone to enjoy. I look forward to any future art that you may be displaying.

  3. Andy103

    Your work is very beautiful! I haven’t done much silk painting myself, but it always sounded like such a neat medium to work with.

  4. Jones

    Those silk painting designs are amazingly done! Good job. I feel the same way about being around nature. It is in itself art. It’s relaxing as well as calming and it is just beautiful. Again, good job!

  5. Mona

    silk-painting is a beautiful art. Agree – study the work of an artist you love – not to copy them, but to be inspired by them in your own work!

  6. james

    I love painting on silk. I’ve just started to do some on my own and think that I could really learn a great deal from studying the seven elements of design. I’m also gonna start looking at the techniques of the master painters that you suggested.

    1. Peter Post author

      See my response to Peter’s comment – it really does make a difference when you understand the elements of design. Barb

  7. Ana B.

    I agree that your work is fabulous, Diana. The colors really pop. Silk painting is great and I’d love to learn more about it and the seven elements of design.

    1. Peter Post author

      Ana, if you are interested I have an online silk painting course. I have students from England, America and Australia. It not only tells you about the elements of design and silk painting, but there are many videos to show you exactly what I am telling you. You can see one of the videos on page 1 of You Tube and can find out more about the classes here Let me know if I can be of further help. Barb

    2. Diana

      Thank you very much for your opinions, shearing information Ana B, james, Mona, Jones, Lance Gane, monaug5, Andy103, Austin, Mark all you inspiring me for new ideas, to find new techniques, style, Thank you for all of you!

  8. Chris W.

    I love your work. Your flowers are so life-like. What an amazing art form! I, myself, am a quilter who is constantly trying to learn new techniques. I love your suggestion of studying the works of favorite artists for inspiration.

  9. Diana

    Thank you, thank you for everybody! I dont have some special hints Mark, just try to do it; if not successful, never mind, try again.. I dont know a lot of things either. I thing in silk art or in other type of art progress, experiences never will be enough and it never will end…

  10. Jane

    I have a keen interest in art. I recently attended a silk painting expo and was highly appreciative of the intricate work that is involved with this form of art.

  11. Wills mary

    Wonderful article. I like this post very much! Those silk painting designs are amazingly done!

  12. Patty

    Painting has never been my thing but I’m surprisingly good at drawing and other artistic crafts. Inspiration definitely plays a huge part in this and perhaps I’ve yet to find mine that can spark my inner painter.

    1. Peter Post author

      A very interesting comment Patty. Like you, I was able to draw fairly well but could not get my head around painting. Suddenly it came to me and I have never looked back. It was the love of colour that made me determined to get more serious about painting. Oils were what I used at first, then when I discovered silk – that was the peak of my understanding and love of painting. Of course, I believe that painting improves if it has strength of design and quality drawing behind the colour. So, I do hope that you have a go soon. Cheers Barb

  13. Jenifer Lapinski

    This is very informative and well described. It’s easy to understand all the points being made. These silk paintings are amazing and I can’t imagine how much effort they took. I enjoyed it a lot and will share what I learned with all my friends.

  14. goodvillager

    This is a good example of that famous quote “standing on the shoulders of giants”. Our creativity not only stems from our own inner resources and talents, but from inspiration derived from famous people of the past as well as other cultures.

  15. Ryan H

    Brilliant article! Those silk painting designs are amazingly done, it’s very impressive! Any hints for us amateurs out here?

  16. Kristina

    These are absolutely gorgeous, Diana. I can’t paint at all, but I love when I see a true artist at work and your work is just that.

  17. jon miller

    Simply stunning. I had no idea about silk paintings. I was an avid sketcher when i was younger. I tried my hand at oil paints but that turned out a disaster. This post has inspired me to get out my pencils and paper. Who knows, I might even give silk painting a try!

  18. jon miller

    Thanks to this post, i will also be checking out the 7 elements of design mentioned in the hints and tips. Ive been an avid fan of art for a long time but I’m ashamed to admit that i am unfamiliar with this concept.

  19. Sanwal Cheema

    WOW, you are very talented, i myself also paint for a living but I’m more of a sketching artist. I’m surprised i’ve never heard of such art. Very impressive work, keep it up.

  20. Christ Loker

    Wonderful, unbelievable. Your art looks pretty good and i couldn’t believe how you can do this. If you keep up with this level of painting you are sure to easily earn an income!

  21. Shanoah

    I love your work it’s truly incredible, I’ve always been fascinated with art and wanted to try my own works of art……I hope to see more wonderful pictures and hear more about them.

  22. April Jonesey

    Very unique,I love it. You are a great artist. I love chinese art & make jewelry also.

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