Silk Painting Classes

Online Silk Painting Classes

Barbara Gabogrecan was a qualified, experienced secondary art teacher
in both New South Wales and Victoria. She also taught part time for 13 years
at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Barbara then commenced her own art business selling hand painted silk items.
She won seven of the ‘Australian Gift of the Year’ awards and ended up having 18 licenses where her designs appeared on product produced by companies such as Shelta Umbrellas, Laurentino Bags and Fresca Scarves.

If you would like to become an expert in silk painting, or simply enjoy the wonderful world of colour and create some ‘wearable art’ for you or your friends, then why not join our silk painting class?

You can learn in your own time frame at your own convenience. You will be given video instructions plus exclusive video clips to view.

Try our free sample to get a better idea of how the programme is delivered.


A series of lessons will be made available to you and include such things as:-

  1. Drawing Skill
  2. Design (including some templates that you can use)
  3. Equipment
  4. Silk and Dyes
  5. Colour and Texture
  6. Applying the Dyes
  7. Drawing with Gutta
  8. Applying the dyes
  9. Setting the dyes
  10. Preparing silk
  11. Promoting and marketing your work for sale