Run a Free Online Marketing Competition to Build Your Silk Painting Business

Triptych Rainforest Roos_1400

I gave this triptych as a prize. Click to enlarge

Most artists do not think in terms of a website as anything more than a brochure, where they can display their silk paintings to potential clients. However, if you use internet marketing (that is you have a website or even a blog) or if you’re involved in social media (including such examples as Twitter or Facebook), then you’ll appreciate that trying to get people to buy from you by making use of these techniques, are most likely not going to work.

However, free online competitions do work. What they do is help you to grow a targeted list that you can then market and promote to in the foreseeable future. You understand that they’re interested in your silk painting products and they’re going to trust you as they create a rapport with you by entering the competition that you are running.

Internet marketing (like most forms of marketing) is designed to promote you and your product. It is to make people aware of what it is that you produce. Marketing is not designed to sell your product.

Those participating in the competition have to complete an Opt in Box by leaving their contact details in order that they would get the free gift. You are then able to market to this list – nut still, don’t try to just ‘sell’ – this is a quick way to get folk off side!

It works very well if you can give a prize for everyone who enters, but if you only have one prise, then you will need to have a draw. Do not make your prize one whereby the participants have to buy something to get something for free – make the prize unconditional.

I have run a number of successful internet competitions – the smallest number of players I received was 200 while the largest number was 2,000. If you have not run free online competitions to increase your silk painting business, then maybe now is the time to try one.

26 thoughts on “Run a Free Online Marketing Competition to Build Your Silk Painting Business

  1. Bill

    There is no doubt that there are a lot of people that you can reach online. I have a friend who paints in his spare time, he put a few pictures of the paintings that he had done on his personal Facebook page. People ended up commenting on them, and then he ended up selling a few through FB.

  2. james

    This is some great insight. I’ve always done silk painting as a hobby but it never occurred to me to turn this into a business. I’m going to be doing more research into this to see if this can be applicable to my art.

  3. Richard Harris

    I think using the internet for artists all over the world to promote their work should become far more popular than it already is.

  4. Jane

    Good insight. Must have an online presence to compete with the worldwide market. Can easily take images of artwork and display on a website.

  5. Stephen Panter

    Internet marketing is here to stay, whether you have your own website, blog or through social media. Any product, and silk painting is not an exception, can be sold via internet provided that you play your cards right. Free prizes is a good idea to get a list of e-mails to market but SEO portion is a vital aspect as well.

  6. sarah keating

    It’s a good idea to have a drawing for a gift as an incentive. Online marketing is very necessary these days.

  7. JaymoPols

    There are many talented artists that lack the marketing and business skills to succeed. Entering online competitions – even if one doesn’t win – is a great idea to be taken advantage of to promote an artist’s work.

  8. Chris W.

    I love your suggestion of running a competition to promote your business. It sounds like a great way to find more potential customers.

  9. Shirley Smith

    What a great idea. I concur that utilizing an online presence through social media is probably the most efficient and cost effective way of networking through the wonderful silk painting enthusiasts out there. This art form is bound to have many followers.

  10. Ana B.

    Thanks for the reminder! Unfortunately, my website has fallen a bit by the wayside so I’ll keep in mind competitions as a way to reach out and market my business more.

  11. Larissa Brunken

    I personally love contests. On more than one occasion I have ended up purchasing a product just because I entered or won. It definitely draws attention to your site and product.

  12. Patrick Hamblin

    Great idea. An email list is especially useful for people who sell handmade goods. Another tip: Share email lists with people who are into similar things, that’ll make your sales go up like mad.

    1. Peter Post author

      The sharing of lists can be a minefield as it can be seen as spam. These days most people collecting names guarantee that the names will not be passed on. I certainly would not advise this Patrick. Barb

  13. hamilton bryan

    Online marketing is the best way now to promote every kind of product, a very useful idea to sell silk painting products; customers will be very attracted by this kind of art.

  14. John Harding

    Enticing people with a prize is a very sure way to pull in more contacts and customers. Silk painting business is like any other online, so it should also reap rewards from this marketing method.


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