Presenting and Framing Your Silk Painting for Sale

Aussie Triptych_1200

A triptych is framed under glass with a double mount to stop the silk from touching the glass

Once an artist has painted their silk, they have to then consider how to present it to a potential customer. The presentation will depend on a number of things:-

  • Is it wearable art e.g. scarves?
  • Is it a painting to be hung on the wall?
  • Is it an unframed wall hanging?

I won’t discuss clothing here, but let’s have a look at scarves. Perhaps the easiest way to present a scarf to a customer is to fold it into a plastic or cello bag. You can then see the beauty of the colour and design. It can then be placed into a presentation folder which can also have some of your promotional material.

You may prefer to place the scarf into a cello box (flat, free standing or pyramid in shape) for amore upmarket display. This is very suitable for fairs and displays, but is not easy to mail or freight.

If silk paintings can be displayed as wall hangings, they need to be painted on a heavier silk with a hanger at both the top and bottom so that it will not float around or move out of alignment to easily. The real disadvantage of a wall hanging is that the silk will get dirty and may need to be removed from the hangers and re washed and ironed, from time to time.

It is best to frame a silk painting under glass. As you do not want the glass to touch the surface of the silk, you need to use a double or triple mount. You should also use acid free materials.

There are other methods where you can stretch the silk over a frame or canvas, but I do think the wall hanging or framing under glass gives the best results. Just don’t forget to sign your work! It is surprising how many artists do forget. You can either sign with the gutta when you draw the design or you can use a special pen that you can use before or after steaming the silk.

Hints and Tips

When you paint make sure that you leave a large border that can be stretched behind the mount and/or around the frame. The framer will need the extra space. It is difficult to find suitable hangers for wall hangings. There is a brushed aluminium frame (designed for posters) available and you can ask the manufacturer to cut them to size for you and bevel the cut edges so that they are not sharp. Make sure you chose fine hangers so that they don’t overpower your design/painting.


This is a great video giving you lots of ideas on how to present you silk art.


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