Personal Development Tips To Help Grow Your Silk Painting Business

by Barbara Gabogrecan

Personal development tips for your silk painting business are reasonably easy to access. First you need to comprehend that personal development means many things to a lot of people; but for me it implies ‘freedom’. I want the freedom to develop a silk painting business, help my fellow man, make a difference and to distribute my love to all. My first tip to you is ‘learn to be free’.

To develop your silk painting business it’s essential to develop yourself. The basis of growing your own personality would be to ‘give without wanting to get’. This  tip is probably the most significant one for you to comprehend.

You must understand why you are in business and why you want to be successful. Let’s hope it is not simply to make money; if it is you may be greatly disappointed. Another important personal development tip is to ensure that you really feel fulfilled when both painting and running your business, by being ready to ‘make a difference’. You can do this by either having a really super painting or truly satisfying a client.

If you decide to make a difference, you must choose to live in a positive world. Being positive is really a true blessing and the best way to feel positive is to participate in positive activities. If you learn to be positive about yourself, it will be so easy to make your clients feel positive too.

A personal development tip that is quite difficult to fulfil is not merely to market your business, but to also market ‘you’ – too often we dismiss and overlook ourselves while we concentrate on our business. This false pride can basically hold your business back. However, many artists do not experience this problem.

Is it possible to clearly say ‘why’ you are running a silk painting business? Can you get out of bed each morning having a clear thought on why you feel positive about your life, painting or business? Does your ‘why’ make you ‘cry’? In other words, is your enthusiasm and motivation so high that it brings tears to your eyes?

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Everyone needs a personal development plan that is positive. One of the strongest tips I can give you is that your plan must be built on giving to others and feeling positive about your life; it will go a long way in bringing both you and your business to the fore.

Get rid of your old beliefs of negative thoughts and change them into positive statements and activities. Look after yourself and look after the people in your life and you will feel much more satisfied and relaxed.

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32 thoughts on “Personal Development Tips To Help Grow Your Silk Painting Business

  1. anne

    This article is very useful. It certainly helps an individual developing skills on silk painting business.

  2. Buck

    Silk painting has always been very interesting to me, thanks for sharing these tips for business growers!

  3. Danny Bleuse

    Starting a business painting can really boost your level of living if you have a little talent.

  4. Jim

    Silk Painting has always been a major interest of mine, my Great Aunt used to do this. What an amazing art form, thanks or the article!!!

  5. Tommy

    These are good tips to know, so you will be able to know what direction your paintings are going to go. Are you going to paint them modern or traditional and so on. Having good Personal Development also accutes goals in your works and life.

  6. Macy G

    There’s the saying ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’. This would be a good motto when developing any kind of business; we need to think positively about it.

  7. Kristin

    It always better to get as much info and advice as one can, it gives a better insight and reading articles like these are great to help develop skills and Base knowledge. Great Article!

  8. rebecaa

    Awesome article on silk painting! Thanks for publishing this type of article, it really helps to develop our business.

  9. Claudia C.

    Believing in yourself and taking pride in your work are essential. Daring to be creative and thinking outside the paintbox, so to speak, also help.

  10. Chris

    I agree. Self-development is key to creating a silk-painting business. It will help you define your goals and positively influence your creations.

  11. dimpsi

    This article is very helpful and gives a great idea of a profitable business. In the area where i live this will be a very unique idea and i can make huge profit from it. thanks for the idea.

  12. Roger

    It’s often hard to find ways to help the success of a silk painting business. This is a really good one though! Thanks!

  13. Mike

    I agree many people have a business only for the money. I know money is important, but it shouldn’t be the driving force in your business. Happiness should play a role in the equation.

  14. Jane Westable

    It’s true that personal development is important in business and it also helps in creating an individual style to your artwork.

  15. caius

    It is my first time to hear about silk painting. I have a passion in painting and this one is very interesting. I might give it a try.

  16. Jack Jargens

    Always looking for a new way to look at things or new things to look at. Some really neat info on silk painting business and hopfully I can relate some of it back to my own bussiness. Thanks!

  17. Marisha

    Very true. Staying positive is the most important aspect in personal life, as well as in business. Thank you for this article.

  18. Brandon A

    Without the right information, a business like this may not seem profitable on the surface, but after reading this, my eyes have been opened. Fantastic article with some really great, valuable information! Thank you very much.

  19. Eugen Oita

    This painting business it’s still on its first pass, but I’m sure it could explode in the very next period of time.

  20. ronald

    You have to have a passion for what you do and this article explains that, if you don’t have a passion for what you do, you wont be successful at it.


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