It is Very Important When Creating a Quality Silk Paining to Develop Strong Artwork Design Skills

by Barbara Gabogrecan

When wanting to learn how to paint, most folk merely pick the gear they require and take part in some training or read a book which describes the way to execute the craft e.g. silk painting. If you are simply experimenting by producing a test sample, this is fine; however, it is important to have quality artwork design if you want your finished product to truly look great.

To produce artwork design you do have to be able to draw and therefore many beginners neglect this step. Unfortunately it is difficult to discover just how to draw and create a design from your efforts; however, there is now such a course available  for the artist who wants to improve their drawing skills.. To study art drawing and design can take a considerable length of time and it is nearly impossible to find a good virtual class that can do this.

Silk painting products are often lacking in good artwork design and tend to depend rather on the lovely effects that they can achieve with colour alone. In these designs there are two choices available – one has the artwork design and the other simply has the effects of the dye on silk (which is the background for the artwork designs.

When the silk painting merely depends on colour, one has to question if it is really a work of art or simply a craft. Without artwork design it is very difficult to demonstrate the artist’s creative expression and therefore it is more likely to be deemed a craft than a work of art. When artists simply depend on the accidental results of the dye effect, it is hard to justify that there is a creative intention by the artist.

I believe this provocative statement is usually true, especially in silk painting where so much of the effect depends on the accidental flow of the dyes. The flow of colour is very pleasing and creates a wonderful effect, but without artwork design as its underlying strength, it is difficult to think of the results as a work of art. To sell silk painting product, it is essential to create your own ‘signature’ so that your work is recognised as being uniquely yours; you can hardly do this if strong artwork design is not evident.

To truly demonstrate the creative spirit of the artist and ensure appreciation by the public, the artist must develop strong artwork design, then accidental use of the medium can be successfully utilised. However this technique does not often allow the artist to develop the flair and competency that is requires to make sales.

Artists must take into account the importance of the elements of design when producing their works of art. Line, colour, texture, tone, shape and direction make up the main elements of design. The individual style of artists will ensure that one or more of these elements are emphasised.

This video emphasises the importance of developing strong artwork design by using skilled drawing and by being aware of the positive and negative space in the overall design.

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30 thoughts on “It is Very Important When Creating a Quality Silk Paining to Develop Strong Artwork Design Skills

  1. allan

    I also agree that it is really important to have quality artwork design if anyone wants their finished product look good.

  2. kristin

    Art is such a beautiful world. In order to make beautiful art One must develop a strong design and have strong basic skills and believe in their masterpiece. The title says it all! Artists are known to put a million words into one painting which makes it unique. This is a great article!

  3. Sue

    I love contemporary art. Silk painting sounds like a beautiful way to depict images. Thanks for the information.

  4. MelanieS

    I think patience is also key for good quality artwork. It’ll take some time, but in the end that artwork will look great.

  5. wendy rogers

    Artwork is a beautiful expression of a persons inner self. Learning how to correctly put skills in to use to make this happen certain things are a must. This a great article to show just want is needed to do that.

  6. Chris

    I have always been interested in learning how to produce fine artwork. Thanks for listing the prerequisite skills that I need to be successful!

  7. Tom

    You have to have some idea how to draw. You can’t go into the computer business and not know anything about them.

  8. Lisa

    Gorgeous Silk Paintings!!! I Think I’ve Found a New “Love”….. With This Info., And quite a Bit Of Patience….. I’m Sure I’ll Be A Success!!!!

  9. unknown guy

    It is indeed important to develop strong artkwork design skills.

    Hopefully this article will inspire people.

  10. Sharon Lewis

    Silk painting is such a beautiful art form. It deserves to be shown in the best possible manner. Having good drawing skills and good color composition is very important when creating a silk painting.

  11. irene tanner

    I love art and have a passion into it. Silk painting is new to me but I wanted to learn and explore it. Thanks so much for the tip, it will definitely help a beginner like me.

  12. Nicholas Leavitt

    This article was written with some amazing intentions. If you follow the instructions listed about, not only will you be successful at this, you should have good luck in marketing and selling them, should you chose to do so.

  13. Stan

    Truth is, practice makes perfect. Getting design skills and inspiration will definitely lead to something better, thanks.

  14. Jack Jargens

    Have always enjoyed painting and been interested in it. I have really enjoyed this information. Skilled painting really is something!


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