Indonesian Modern Batik

Fish Giftwrap 200

This silk painting of the Clown Fish enables the movement of the water to be shown together with the beautiful colour of the fish.

Silk painting and batik are very similar. Both use fabric, though silk painting is usually done on silk and in this video, you will note that cotton is used. Batik is a wax resist, whereas silk painting uses gutta as a resist. I have tried both, but much prefer silk painting as it is more like a traditional painting and is faster to complete.

But there is no doubt that the soft blending of colour over colour found in batik is extremely lovely and in high demand. Personally, I hate the mess of the wax removal and find that the fabric usually has a stiffness to it when completed, that I do not like.

There is no doubt though that you will be enthralled by this video. Please make a cuppa and sit down and watch it all; it is an excellent video and one that might just change your mind about batik!

If you want to learn how to paint on silk, you do not have to find a class near you to join; simply join the online silk painting course and if you want more personalised assistance, you can access the mentoring sessions as well. There are students from America, Canada, England and Australia, so join this unique group of artists and enjoy! But if you want to learn Batik, then perhaps a trip to Indonesia is the answer!

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27 thoughts on “Indonesian Modern Batik

  1. Bill

    Wow, that’s really beautiful. I don’t think I’ve seen material like that. It looks like a lot of work, but the end result would be worthwhile.

  2. james

    This is the most amazing art form. Watching them lay out the cotton and take their time making those beautiful patterns is hypnotizing. I’ve done silk painting before, but have never tired batik. I’ll be reading and learning more about this art form in the hope of getting to try it on my own.

  3. Tim

    This article taught me a lot about painting and all of the nuances that go into it. I didn’t know anything about silk painting before.

  4. Jane

    I concur that Silk painting and batik are almost identical. All beautiful artwork. One day I hope to own some art work.

  5. sarah keating

    I suppose from the artist’s perspective, silk painting might be more “user friendly.” Both take great skill of course and are very beautiful.

  6. JaymoPols

    Well, I wish I could go to Indonesia to learn batik. But until then the resources here on this blog will more than tide me over. Thanks.

  7. Chris W.

    As an avid quilter, I am excited to learn the process of making batiks. We use batiks often in our quilts here in States, and they are always so stunning!

    1. Peter Post author

      Do you have a photo of your work? If you would like to write a small article I would be happy to put it in this blog. Barb

  8. Shirley Smith

    I knew very little about silk painting and knew even less Indonesia’s Batik style. It’s simply fabulous! I’m halfway through the video and I’m super fascinated.

  9. Lane heart

    This video taught me a lot and it answer all my questions the silk paint looks really hard to do but I would love to do it any way just for the challenge and to be able to say I did this silk painting all by my self Since i never tryed batik i would like to travel there one day to see all there work out there in person live

  10. sam ross

    After watching the video it seems a lot of work goes into this unique artwork which is very interesting to watch.There are several different processes involved which must make this kind of procedure different from any i have seen and probably quite expensive.

  11. Ana B.

    This looks great. I love the painting of the clown fish! I’ve been getting more into painting and I’d really like to try out some Batik designs.

  12. Larissa Brunken

    I never knew the process of this beautiful artwork. It is alot of work doing batik. The video is very interesting and Shows that handquality is better than machine.

  13. Zach S

    Batik looks like a very fulfilling art form, I wonder if they have classes of any kind where I live that teach such a thing to people.

  14. Melissa Fernandes

    These are really beautiful designs and amazing works of art. I came across the art of Batik making in Singapore. Really interesting!

  15. hamilton bryan

    Really awesome art, i like this silk painting, amazing batik tradition. I love how they work it, carefully with a real artistic work

  16. John Harding

    Thank you for sharing this video. I’ve had an interest in silk painting for the longest time, it’s nice to see the process in action. Batik, especially is quite beautiful.


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