Gabogrecan Scarves

The gift many people found

Matching scarf, bag and tissue holder

Matching scarf, bag and tissue holder

It does not matter who people want to give a gift to, they are usually looking for it to have certain attributes:-

  • Is it affordable?
  • Is it unique?
  • Is it appealing?
  • Is it of high quality?
  • Does it suit different age groups?
  • Can you find it without having to spend a lot of time searching?
  • Is it light weight and easy to pack? (especially for overseas gifts or ones that have to be mailed)

The Gabogrecan Scarves

Flowering Gum scarf

Flowering Gum scarf

A Gabogrecan Original Hand Painted Scarf filled all the criteria mentioned above.
It also had the additional attributes of:-

  • Using Australian Fauna and Flora designs
  • The artist has won 7 of the Australian Gift of the Year Awards
  • It can have your name (or business name) written together with the artist’s signature
  • Around 10 colours are used on each scarf ensuring a vibrant ‘painterly’ look
  • Each scarf is signed by the Artist
  • Each scarf is displayed in a presentation package that includes a short bio of the Artist

Many people gave an original, beautiful, distinctive hand painted scarf that would touch the heart of the those they wished to thank and reward. The exotic, colourful, dynamic results amazed the recipients when they saw how the luminosity of the silk texture added another dimension to the rich colours and organic contours.

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