Creating Strong Artwork Designs From Your Drawings

by Barbara Gabogrecan

Once you have experimenting with some unusual ‘warm up’ techniques and drawn three or four motifs, it is time to create a design from these drawings.

The examples shown here were done by a 13 year old student. The first drawing (on the left) is using both his hands at once and with a continuous line. The drawing on the right (of a girl playing hockey) is made by using his opposite hand. I was quite amazed at how creative this was, especially by drawing it from the back instead of the front (as most would do).

Try using a light box. You can build your own by simply using some translucent glass over a light globe, set into a box shape. Place one drawing on top of the glass and trace the basic shape onto another piece of paper. Next, place another drawing on the glass and this time manipulate the first traced drawing around until you can see an interesting pattern by using both drawings.

Now is the time to consider the negative spaces (background) and the positive spaces (motif). Both need to be equally important. To make sure that you do keep the negative space important, make sure you paint this first. You are more likely to make this background of importance if you paint it before the more exciting motif.

By combining two or more of your drawings, you will create a unique artwork design for you silk painting. Remember, your creativeness and imagination is controlled by the right side of the brain, which you have now activated by using these ‘warm up’ exercises.

The left side of the brain which controls thinking, logic and communication is used more frequently than the right, therefore the right side of the brain becomes ‘stale’. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual techniques for drawing so that you can produce a design to make your beautiful silk painting exceptional silk painting! 

Creating the Artwork Design by Combining a Number of Drawings

This video shows the development of the Artwork Design for a large silk wall hanging. First of all a number of smaller images are drawn of birds and flowers, then these are combined (by gluing onto paper that is the correct size) to create the overall artwork design.

Organic linear patterns draw the individual sketches together to make a whole design. The artist is very keen to develop the negative space (background) to have a similar sense of importance as the positive space (the motifs of birds and flowers). This suggests a strong Japanese influence for this type of art style which is most suitable for silk painting.

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  1. Stan

    As an artist and entrepreneur, i find your ideas very intruiging. I draw almost every night, but never with my opposite hand or with some of the tips you have provided. I will utilize what you have said and see how well iIdo!

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    Your ideas are really interesting and innovative. I think this will certainly help young creative peoples.

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    I’ve always wanted to become better at being an artist but always had trouble just starting with something. These helped with imagination and design!

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    I love to draw. The silk paintings are very nice. Thanks for sharing how to combine them.

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    Wow… Very interesting concepts and ideas!! I’m somewhat of an artist myself, so I think I just may have to try out some of these ideas and techniques.

  6. Tommy

    This is very intuititve because it shows somewhat how the brain operates when you are drawing. This will guide you in the thought process that goes into drawing major artwork.

  7. Macy G

    I never thought of drawing in these ways-they really do bring out different kinds of, and even better, designs!

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    These are some great tips and have opened my eyes to a world I didn’t think was possible. What an effective use of art transfer!

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    Great tips for creating designs. I love your ideas of combining different drawings and using both of your hands to draw. They are sure to create some interesting artwork.

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    I never thought of using a lightbox in the way you describe in the article. I’m going to give that tip a try.

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    Absolutely wonderful. I love painting and have a passion for it. Though I am only a beginner I have been inspired to explore new things and combining two or more drawings is a great idea. Great tips.

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    Have always loved drawing and learning about it. Some really good tips and information here that I will remember and use. Glad I was able to find this information. Keep it up, thanks!!

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