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Adding Value to The Sale of Your Silk Paintings

I must admit, I am as excited about the presentation, packaging and marketing of my product as I am about painting it. Not many artists want to get involved with the building of a business, marketing, promotion, presentation, packaging etc. They just want to create and paint. This attitude often works against them, when it comes to selling their product.

My thoughts are “If I am going to produce a beautiful painting on silk, I want the new owner to first be amazed (and delighted) with the packaging and presentation of the product”. Therefore, I put a lot of thought into the best way I can do this.

Using Silk Painting to Produce Product – Oil Pots

By Barbara Gabogrecan

IMGP0036You know how to paint on silk and probably have painted scarves, wall hangings or even have some framed work for exhibition.

Now you are wondering what else can you make, using your silk painting skills? Some folk make a variety of fashion clothing. I have never gone in this direction as I cannot sew. But I did purchase a lovely jacket, using the salt technique, but it was painted on extremely fine pure wool! Yes, silk and wool are both natural fibres and can be painted with the same dyes and have the colours which are set by steaming.

Silk Painting Product – Jewellery

By Barbara Gabogrecan

When I decided to enter the Australian Gift of the Year competition, one of the sections I decided to enter was for a related group of five products. But I only had four, so I racked my brain to think of what I could do for the fifth product. I decided on jewellery – but how could I use silk painting to create jewellery? The first thing I looked at was jewellery findings; just what was available that I could place silk in.