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Alternative Way to Hang a Silk Painting

Silk Wall Hanging

This wall hanging was hung in the Foyer of a Heritage Listed building in East Melbourne, Australia.

After my last post where I talked about hanging a silk painting by wrapping the silk around a canvas frame, I have had a number of folk contact me asking if they can just hang a silk painting from the wall, like a curtain. So, I thought I would share with you how I hang wall hangings.

How to Frame and Hang Silk Paintings

Cacophony Tri1 35 200

This is one of three (a Triptych) which are framed under glass. Then, all three were repainted the size of a door, to go into the foyer of an office – but they were still framed under glass.

Once you have completed a silk painting you will need to be able to hang it. Obviously, you can go to a framer and they will provide a professional frame under glass. The glass protects the silk and keeps it free from dust. However, this can be expensive.