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Silk Painting Designs Inspired By Famous Artists

By Diana Kisirauskiene

Diana K Large roses paintingMy name is Diana Kisirauskiene and I am a silk painter. I was born in Lithuania, but currently reside in South West England, Swindon town.

I started my journey as a silk painter in 2007, this being the first time that I painted on silk. I have been interested and fascinated with painting since childhood. Now I wanted to discover what was possible when painting on silk.

Flowers in particular are my specialty. Chinese art also interests me. In some of my work I use the design techniques of famous artists. Van Gogh, Climt, Dali, Mucha and Kandinsky have all inspired me. However, I find painting on silk the most interesting form of expression that never ends. In addition to this, I also pursue other forms of art – felting, jewellery and decoupage.

My biggest passion remains my love of silk painting. I have learned so many different techniques when painting on silk, but I am still searching for new opportunities in this art form.

Painting to me is like meditation, relaxing and creating things what i like the most. I am still on a journey of discovering new features and techniques; I feel I am in love with it; its my passion, my dream, my destiny!!!!!!!

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Hints and Tips by Barbara Gabogrecan

Thank you so much for your comments Diana. Your work is indeed beautiful and some show incredible detail. I am sure our readers would love to know how you achieve this detail. I have had a look at your website I love your quote on your home page “A picture is a poem without words”. You have some delightful landscapes and I love the painting depicting birds. I too have been influenced by Van Gogh, Climt and Chinese art. I really do think that everyone painting on silk should study the work of some of their favourite artists and learn more about how they used the seven elements of design. I do hope that you will find time to look at some of the other posts and leave a comment.