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To produce artwork design you do have to be able to draw and many beginners neglect this important step.

Creating a Design; Negative and Positive Space

Negative SpoaceTo create a design from a drawing you have produced requires a special skill. You need to understand both positive and negative space. It is sometimes hard to realise that the space created in the background (the negative space) can be as important as the positive space (the image).

In my experience, beginner painters nearly always paint the most interesting thing first – the motif. The background is left until last and seems to just be completed as a necessity rather than as an integral part of the painting (design). When this approach is used you can be pretty sure that the background will not enhance the overall painting.

The Importance of the Elements of Design When Creating a Work of Art or Hand Painted Silk Scarves

Silk scarfBy Barbara Gabogrecan

Whether I am producing a painting to be framed or a hand painted silk scarves, I utilise the elements of design to ensure that my finished work of art is the best it can be.

The 7 elements of design I use are:-
1. Line
2. Tone
3. Texture
4. Colour
5. Size
6. Shape
7. Direction

Some of these elements you use without really thinking about them (like size and shape) others are really important for the success of your silk painting (like colour, tone and texture).

To Be Successful as a Silk Painter You Need to Have Five Essential Qualities

By Barbara Gabogrecan

Fish Giftwrap_1500

This is an actual reproduction from a silk painting. It is being used as gift wrap and card and won an award. The design emphasis a flowing, linear feel and moves the viewers eyes from one image to another.

As discussed in an earlier post, there is some discussion on whether or not Silk Painting is a craft or an art. To some degree this dilemma has been caused by folk treating it like a craft. They just copy a photo and simply ‘colour it in’ with dyes. They are really only ‘switched on’ by the beauty of the vibrant colour of dyes on silk. I think this is understandable because probably the main reason an artist would paint on silk is because of the iridescence and beauty of the colour.

Creating Strong Artwork Designs From Your Drawings

by Barbara Gabogrecan

Once you have experimenting with some unusual ‘warm up’ techniques and drawn three or four motifs, it is time to create a design from these drawings.

The examples shown here were done by a 13 year old student. The first drawing (on the left) is using both his hands at once and with a continuous line. The drawing on the right (of a girl playing hockey) is made by using his opposite hand. I was quite amazed at how creative this was, especially by drawing it from the back instead of the front (as most would do).

It is Very Important When Creating a Quality Silk Paining to Develop Strong Artwork Design Skills

by Barbara Gabogrecan

When wanting to learn how to paint, most folk merely pick the gear they require and take part in some training or read a book which describes the way to execute the craft e.g. silk painting. If you are simply experimenting by producing a test sample, this is fine; however, it is important to have quality artwork design if you want your finished product to truly look great.