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Indonesian Modern Batik

Fish Giftwrap 200

This silk painting of the Clown Fish enables the movement of the water to be shown together with the beautiful colour of the fish.

Silk painting and batik are very similar. Both use fabric, though silk painting is usually done on silk and in this video, you will note that cotton is used. Batik is a wax resist, whereas silk painting uses gutta as a resist. I have tried both, but much prefer silk painting as it is more like a traditional painting and is faster to complete.

The Ancient Technique of Batik

Rosellas_250The ancient technique of Batik is where the artist draws the design using hot wax. I worked for three days with an expert batik artist in Asia and I was amazed that he removed the wax using acid. I would be terrified that the acid would eat into my silk.

Consequently for many years I decided not to experiment with Batik and only commenced silk painting when I discovered gutta. However, many silk artists do use Batik in a simpler format than what the Asian artist used.