Barbara Gabogrecan Holds Her First Online Exhibition


Grevillea – exhibition piece

Gabogrecan has taught art for a number of years both in secondary colleges in Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria (in Australia).

She left teaching to build her own silk painting business and had some wonderful success. Gabogrecan won 7 of the Australian Gift of the Year Awards; had work displayed in Birmingham, Dusseldorf, Osaka (x2), Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Nagoya; had fashion accessories and tourist product produced under sixteen licenses; had six successful ‘sell out’ art exhibitions.

After suffering both a stroke and a brain tumour, Gabogrecan had to slow down. But she was determined to still develop her art work and had to consequently source alternative ways to let the public know of her wonderful, exciting, colourful and decorativeworks of art.

Gabogrecan turned to the internet. First of all she offered a limited range of hand painted silk scarves. Once that proved successful, she took a plunge and decided to develop an online silk painting course. To her surprise that took off too. She now has students of art in America, England and Australia. A video of her painting on silk is ranked on page one of You Tube with over 50,000 viewers.

Gabogrecan also uses this blog to share her knowledge of painting and design with readers. A special section is also devoted to promoting other silk artists.

Always thinking of new ways to let the public see her work, Gabogrecan decided to trial an online Art Exhibition. She wanted to enable those who love art to take ownership of an affordable work of art by being able to purchase it unframed, but giving viewers the option to purchase it framed if they wanted.

Gabogrecan also has included some of her oil painting in this exhibition. It is interesting to see the development of her work from the oils to the silk. In both, negative space is all important, but the silk work is much more decorative.

Gabogrecan silk paintings can be described as ‘decorative art’ as she co-ordinates her love of fabric, colour, texture and design with her love of the Australian bush. Gabogrecan loved the way that silk enhances the shimmering space and rich colours that she uses, which in turn, draws the viewer into her realm of imagery and beauty.

Hints and Tips

When deciding to purchase a painting, do not think that price should be associated with size. There are many miniatures that are very expensive! Most artists price their work according to what they think has worked well for them. Also, do not get overly caught up with the frames. Some folk chose very ornate and busy frames; the frame should never draw the viewers’ attention away from the paining.

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17 thoughts on “Barbara Gabogrecan Holds Her First Online Exhibition

  1. Linda Black

    Wonderful work Barb – you are an unstoppable woman and an inspiration!
    I’ll be keeping an eye on your exhibition, I love the idea of the changing nature of it.
    All the very best

  2. Pete

    It has been a great pathway for me to follow, watching the development of your art work. Your creativity has always amazed me and inspired me (though you may not think so). I also want to celebrate your recovery; it has been a long road at times, but I never doubted that you would recover well and keep your creative juices going! First a book and now an exhibition – well done my love!

  3. Dr Alex Davidovic

    What a beautiful exhibition! I love the colours – you get that good feeling when you look at the paintings.

    A month ago I was in New Zealand and I visited an exhibition of modern art in Wellington. The centerpiece was a big piece of corrugated iron with a neon light in it. The art critics would probably disagree with me, but I fail to see how putting together two pieces of junk from the back yard can pass as art.

    In my book, Barbara’s paintings are true art 🙂

    1. Peter Post author

      Being a former art teacher, I have to comment on your ‘junk art’ Alex – if we think of art as a way someone expresses themselves and that it also represents the times we live in, then junk art can still be art. HOWEVER, I am so delighted that you think of my art as ‘true art’ – I certainly enjoy celebrating with colour, line, texture and design – it all combines to allow me to express my happiness in this world. Barb

  4. Bridget

    Barb I have always admired your silk paintings…their vibrancy and the way you expresss the beauty of our native fauna and flora. It is a great achievement that you have continued to paint throughout all your health issues. Well done!

  5. Ann Kreso

    I bought 5 magically beautiful silk wall hangings from Barbara many years ago and they have graced my walls over the years and still do. They are timeless pieces of beauty. I am so happy that you are still sharing your wonderful talent with the world. Ann Kreso

    1. Peter Post author

      Thanks so much for your warm comment Ann – glad to hear that the silk you purchased all those years ago is still looking good – silk does have a wonderful ‘shelf life’. Cheers Barb

  6. Gillian

    I love the way you use the vibrant colours of Australia – I am particularly moved by the colours in the seaweed and boronia silk paintings! Wonderful to see you constantly achieving new goals and maintaining your art after all your recent challenges – you are an inspiration!

    1. Peter Post author

      Thanks Gillian – the seaweed painting was also developed as fabric to make clothes from.


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