Run a Free Online Marketing Competition to Build Your Silk Painting Business

Triptych Rainforest Roos_1400

I gave this triptych as a prize. Click to enlarge

Most artists do not think in terms of a website as anything more than a brochure, where they can display their silk paintings to potential clients. However, if you use internet marketing (that is you have a website or even a blog) or if you’re involved in social media (including such examples as Twitter or Facebook), then you’ll appreciate that trying to get people to buy from you by making use of these techniques, are most likely not going to work.

Silk Painting Versus Other Mediums

An oil landscape painted on timber

An oil landscape painted on timber

Early on, I mainly painted in oils, though I did do a little with acrylics and even used cement in a painting to add dimension to the fished work. Most artists have a preference for what medium they wish to work in; many also use such things as pastels and water colours.

I painted in oils for a number of years and enjoyed the experience. I did a number of works using only a palette knife on canvas and others demonstrated strong linear designs on wood. But it wasn’t until I started using dyes on silk that I felt I had truly found MY medium.

Using Paint Rather Than Dyes on Silk

Daniel Jean-Baptiste water effectBased on the Video by Artist Daniel Jean-Baptiste

In the text below, Barbara Gabogrecan gives her description and critique based on the video


It is somewhat confusing when one speaks of Silk Painting as there are two distinct types of silk art. One paints using dyes and the other uses paint. Daniel Jean-Baptiste uses liquid pigment paints which requires different techniques, but will still give lovely vibrant colours, enhancing the luminosity of the silk.

Subtle Use of Colour to Create a Work of Art

Based on the Video by Artist Katarzyna Pander-Liszka

In the text below, Barbara Gabogrecan gives her description and critique based on the video


Katarzyna Pander-Liszka

Click on image to see it enlarge – you will also see this beautiful line work more clearly in the video below

Katarzyna Pander-Liszka demonstrates a large work of art using very subtle silk dye colours. The work starts off with a beautiful, intricate design. This design really does emphasise the importance of having a strong design before you commence your painting.

Barbara Gabogrecan Holds Her First Online Exhibition


Grevillea – exhibition piece

Gabogrecan has taught art for a number of years both in secondary colleges in Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria (in Australia).

She left teaching to build her own silk painting business and had some wonderful success. Gabogrecan won 7 of the Australian Gift of the Year Awards; had work displayed in Birmingham, Dusseldorf, Osaka (x2), Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Nagoya; had fashion accessories and tourist product produced under sixteen licenses; had six successful ‘sell out’ art exhibitions.