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Original Works of Art

Each work is a hand painted/drawn original.
These are not prints.

Click on images to enlarge them; this may cause some images to look a little ‘grainy’.  Light patches may appear to be on the black gutta lines on silk works, but this is a reflection from the camera flash and does not appear on the original work.  Just hit the X at top right of the enlarged photo to return to this page.


Kakadu Reflections_1200

“Kakadu Reflections”

Even a dead tree can be exotic when it is shown reflected in the water at Kakadu.
Size: 345mm x 245mm.

Frames Trees Drawing_1500

This pen sketch allows the viewer to look into the parkland at the majesty of the trees.
It is framed under glass.
Size: (includes frame) 520mm x 630mm. 

Creek in Donvale Sketch Pen_1400

“Creek in Donvale”
This framed under glass pen sketch was later developed as an oil painting.
Size: (includes frame) 520mm x 430mm.

Mountain Range_1400

“Mountain Range From Keppels Lookout”
A pen sketch of a mountain range, framed under glass.
Size: (includes frame) 540mm x 470mm. 

Reclining Human Landscape_1400

“Reclining Human Landscape”
A resting naked lady has become a landscape.
Coloured pencils are used
in this framed under glass work.
Size: (includes frame) 605mm x 455mm.

Woman Landscape_1400

“Woman Landscape”
A naked lady lying on her tummy has become a landscape.
Coloured pencils are used in this framed under glass work.
Size: (includes frame) 465mm x 350mm. 

Creek in Donvale Oil_1400

“Creek in Donvale”
This oil painting is on canvas. I was trying to capture the business of the landscape with the bubbling water, rocks and plants. There is more white in this painting than I usually show; I took delight in adding the oranges and gold slashes in the landscape. You can also view the initial sketch I did before commencing the painting.
Size: (includes frame) 825mm x 1,080mm. 

Lino Block 2_1400

“By the Lake”
Minimalist style where the outline of the landscape shows above the sky and the lake
in this lino block print.

Size: (includes frame) 470mm x 390mm. 

Lino Block 1_1400

“Lake Nillahcootie”
A more detailed sketch of the hills as they surround the lake.
This lino block print won first place at the Royal Melbourne Show.
Size: (includes frame) 470mm x 390mm. 

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