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Original Works of Art

Each work is a hand painted/drawn original
These are not prints.

Click on images to enlarge them; this may cause some images to look a little ‘grainy’.  Light patches may appear to be on the black gutta lines on silk works, but this is a reflection from the camera flash and does not appear on the original work.  Just hit the X at top right of the enlarged photo to return to this page.


Wattle in Vase_1200

“Wattle in Vase”
Tiny golden balls of the wattle (the floral emblem for Australia) create a rhythmic pattern in a background which enhances this movement.
Size: 320mm x 250mm.

Waratahs in Vase_1400

“Waratah in Vase”
The geometric background and vase is broken by the organic curves of this wonderful flower
(the New South Wales floral emblem).
Size: 320mm x 255mm.

Desert Peas in Vase_1400

 “Desert Peas in Vase”
The majestic Sturt’s Desert Peas (the South Australian floral emblem) sit in a vase with the curves of imagined fabric as a backdrop.
Size: 315mm x 245mm.


The majestic New South Wales floral emblem has a mass of deep red stamens forming the flowers on top of a thick stem. The border is in a misty, broken black to enhance the richness of the reds.
Size: 345mm x 235mm. 

Sturts Desert Pea Peekhole_1200

“Sturts Desert Pea ‘Peak Hole’ “
 The flaming red Desert Pea is the floral emblem for South Australia. The mass of flowers is being viewed through the ‘peak hole’ created by the black border.
Size: 345mm x 245mm.


The Grevillea is depicted here as a rhythmic, organic cascade held together within a border.
Size: 345mm x 235mm.

This image does NOT enlarge when clicked

 Looking from below, through the canopy of trees and leaves, a conceptual design
of energy and beauty is created.

Size: 586mm x 400mm.

In The Pink_1200
This image does NOT enlarge when clicked

 “In the Pink”
A mass of pink flowers declaring that spring has arrived.
Size: 345mm x 288mm.

Autum Leaves_1400
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“Autumn Leaves”
The falling leaves during autumn have created a design rich in shape, texture and colour.
Size: 315mm x 265mm.

Native Baronia_1400

“Native Boronia”
The delicate beauty of these flowers as they appear in mass is captured by the artist.
Size: 345mm x 285mm.

Native Hibiscus

Native Hibiscus
Australia has many colourful native flowers; this being my favorite

Size: 345mm x 345mm.

“Flowering Gum”

“Floral Arrangement”


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