Bird Life

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Original Works of Art

Each work is a hand painted/drawn original
These are not prints.

Click on images to enlarge them; this may cause some images to look a little ‘grainy’.  Light patches may appear to be on the black gutta lines on silk works, but this is a reflection from the camera flash and does not appear on the original work.  Just click on the X in the top right corner to return to this page.

Bird Life

An imaginary water bird is enclosed in a pattern of vibrant plants.
Size: 345mm x 245mm.

Rainforest Alive_1200
“Rainforest Alive”
A number of birds are intertwined within the lush tropical rainforest vegetation.
Size: 345mm x 245mm.

Parrots Paradise_1200
“Parrots Paradise”

The artist’s impression of the wonder and colour of parrots and the foliage
of the bush that they thrive in.
Size: 345mm x 230mm.

Parrots Feasting on Flowering Gum_1200
“Parrots Feasting on Flowering Gum”
The artist’s impression of parrots as they appear hidden within the Flowering Gum.
Size: 345mm x 245mm.

Major Mitchell Cockatoos_1200“Major Mitchell Cockatoos”
These birds (also known as Leadbeater Cockatoos) and plant life become one
in a maze of shape, line and colour.

Size: 345mm x 245mm.

Kookaburras woth Sturts Desert Pea_1200
“Kookaburras With Sturts Desert Pea”
The majesty and power of the Kookaburra is emphasised by the strength of Sturt’s Desert Pea, creating a decorative sensation.
Size: 345mm x 245mm.

 Gould Finches_1200
“Gould Finches”
The beauty and fragility of these small birds creates a rich tapestry
when enhanced with the colourful delicacy of the flowers.
Size: 345mm x 230mm.

 Rosellas Through the Lens_1200
“Rosellas Through the Lens”
A small painting where the size of the birds and flowers are exaggerated
to create a balanced design within a curved frame.
Size: 220mm x 195mm.

These regal birds capture your attention as they preen themselves
amongst some colourful plants.
Size: 345mm x 245mm.

Image of Rosellas“Rosellas”
These brightly coloured birds are very common in eastern Australia
220mm x 220mm.

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