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Each work is a hand painted/drawn original and is priced to sell.
These are not prints.

Click on images to enlarge them; this may cause some images to look a little ‘grainy’.  Light patches may appear to be on the black gutta lines on silk works, but this is a reflection from the camera flash and does not appear on the original work.  Just hit the X at top right of the enlarged photo to return to this page.

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Cat In House Oil_1400“Cat in the House”
This oil painting is done on hardboard. I was intrigued with the way the inside of the house seemed to merge with the outside courtyard. In my mind (and my painting) they became one.  I just loved the way the cat never took its eyes off me.
Size: (includes frame) 700mm x 910mm. Price: $A 550.00

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Triptych Koalas at RestTryptich “Koalas at Rest”
Koalas quietly feeding, sleeping and just resting amongst some beautiful Australian flowers, including gum trees. The rich exotic colours of the flowers are framed by the calmness of the Pacific Ocean and some of its sea life, over the Barrier Reef in Queensland.
Size: 680mm x 700mm  Price: $A 450.00

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