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Each work is a hand painted/drawn original and is priced to sell.
These are not prints.

Click on images to enlarge them; this may cause some images to look a little ‘grainy’.  Light patches may appear to be on the black gutta lines on silk works, but this is a reflection from the camera flash and does not appear on the original work.  Just hit the X at top right of the enlarged photo to return to this page.

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Aussie Triptych_1200Triptych  “The Aussie Campfire”

This triptych has been framed under glass with a double mount. The middle panel shows the platypus, wombat, koala and kangaroo. The other two panels are made up of a pattern of shapes, colour and texture to indicate the bush surrounds.

Size: 850mm x 590mm including frame.  Price: $A 750.00
Framed painting on silk

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Cacophony Triptych 1_1400 Cacophony Triptych 2_1400 Cacophony Triptych 3_1400

Triptych   “Cacophony”

These three framed paintings tell a story when viewed from left to right. They are the original designs for a very large triptych painted for a business centre.

They will not be sold separately.
Size: (includes frame) of each: 710mm x 590mm.  Price: $A 1,500.00
Framed paintings on silk

SOLD Sign_125

 Triptych Rainforest Roos_1400

Triptych   “Rainforest Roos”

A family of kangaroos are found in the rainforest which displays rich and exciting colours and decorative foliage in the panels below and above the roos. This is framed under glass.

Size: (includes frame) 685mm x 685mm.       Price: $A 450.00
Framed painting on silk

SOLD Sign_125

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