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Art ‘On The Move’
An exhibition of Art by the award winning artist
Barbara Gabogrecan

Barbara Gabogrecan

Barbara Gabogrecan

Some paintings are framed and others are unframed as per information below;


Wetlands_1200Obviously this is a cost effective method of buying and owning an original work of art. Not only do you not have the cost of the frame, but it is a lot less expensive to ship to you, anywhere in the world. If you wish to frame your painting, you can chose your own framer and make the frame suit the hanging space where you want it displayed.


Cacophony Triptych 1_1400Silk needs to be framed under glass to protect it. I usually use black as the main colour for the double mounts, and sometimes have a third mount of an associated colour, as this can enhance the rich colours of the silk painting. Double and triple mounts make sure that the glass does not actually touch the silk.

All works of art would be shipped via ‘Pack and Send’ or you can choose your own freight company (or you may decide to pick it up yourself). I have sent works overseas using ‘Pack and Send’ and they are delivered to the front door. I have never had a problem with breakage or delayed delivery when using them.

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