Alternative Way to Hang a Silk Painting

Silk Wall Hanging

This wall hanging was hung in the Foyer of a Heritage Listed building in East Melbourne, Australia.

After my last post where I talked about hanging a silk painting by wrapping the silk around a canvas frame, I have had a number of folk contact me asking if they can just hang a silk painting from the wall, like a curtain. So, I thought I would share with you how I hang wall hangings.

First of all I make sure that the silk has rolled edges all the way around. If you don’t work on silk with rolled edges, then you will need to stitch a hem all the way around. This stops the silk from fraying and also helps to keep its shape.

Next I use a plastic or aluminum hangers to place at the top and bottom of the silk. They keep the silk from flying around and flapping in the breeze. The silk actually fits into a small slot in the hangers and they close tightly to hold the silk in place. You have to be very careful not to catch the silk and pull a thread through the process.

If you are painting wall hangings, it is probably a good idea to use thicker silk, like what I have used in the video below. This is quite a large wall hanging (about the size of half a door) and it surprised me how small it actually looked when placed in a large space.

23 thoughts on “Alternative Way to Hang a Silk Painting

  1. Maria Gutierrez

    Wonderful! Framing is a real pain in the butt, I’ve got lovely paintings that never went up because I couldn’t find the right frame. This solves my problem!

  2. Austin King

    This is such an interesting concept. My wife and I have been trying to figure out many ways for wall hangings. This video has really helped us. Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Gina Sterling

    Thanks for sharing this process, Peter. I’ve wanted to hang an old silk painting we’ve had in storage for quite some time, but I was always afraid of damaging it.

  4. Sarah Keating

    I like this idea for wall hangings. It really shows off the whole painting on silk optimally, much better than mounting it in a full frame.

  5. Jane

    Loved the article. I have an interest in contemporary art. These techniques seem a lot better than the conventional ones.

  6. Dustin

    This is such a helpful article. I have been trying to hang my paintings, but they have been rolling on me. The tip about using hangers at the bottom and top of the silk will solve that problem I think. I also tore my first silk painting when trying to hang it. As you noted, be very careful about hanging them as the silk tears easily.

  7. Judy Workman

    I love the silk painting showed in the video. I would be afraid of ripping it by hanging it that way. This is very helpful information. I like the tips on how to hang silk paintings.


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