Adding Value to The Sale of Your Silk Paintings

I must admit, I am as excited about the presentation, packaging and marketing of my product as I am about painting it. Not many artists want to get involved with the building of a business, marketing, promotion, presentation, packaging etc. They just want to create and paint. This attitude often works against them, when it comes to selling their product.

My thoughts are “If I am going to produce a beautiful painting on silk, I want the new owner to first be amazed (and delighted) with the packaging and presentation of the product”. Therefore, I put a lot of thought into the best way I can do this.

Presentation FolderFor my scarves, I had a black folder made with my name/logo on the front. The Inside colour is a soft grey and on the left hand side I have a photo of myself and a description of what I am trying to capture when painting on silk. On the right hand side there is an envelope shape at the bottom of the page; into this space I place an A4 flyer with small snap shots of some of my work; testimonials from some companies and a marketing message.

The completed silk work gets folded into a presentation plastic bag with gold stickers on the front and back. This is then placed over the flyer, fitting neatly into the envelope shape. This can then easily be mailed to anywhere in the world.

But I have now decided to ‘add value’ to my sale. For each design that is produced, I am making a video of me painting it. I then edit the video and place a talk over where I verbally describe what I am doing and why. This will now be printed on a special small video and placed in the folder too.

Owners of the scarf will now better understand just what happens and will also realise why the price is set as it is. They may even loan the video to friends and even more sales may be the result.

It is important to always be thinking of what the customer needs/wants when you are making a sale; rather than what you want. Pretend that you are the client – what would you like to receive? I enjoyed painting 10 of the Cook Town Orchid (the national floral emblem for Queensland) for a group of women to wear when running a special conference for Mums who have to school their children at home because they live in outback Australia. I related to this immensely, as I, too, had to do correspondence lessons for my primary schooling as we lived in the bush (NSW).

Decorative, detailed painting of Cook Town Orchids on silk

Decorative, detailed painting of Cook Town Orchids on silk

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