Silk Painting Specialists Share Their Secrets . 


Some People Can be Creative
But Others Find Producing Creative Work is Daunting

It is one thing to find original, creative product
suitable for giving as gifts;

it is quite another thing to find an
affordable range of creative product.

 “......(in Australia) the giving of gifts to international business has traditionally not been particularly good. The Gabogrecan range offered me a perfect solution in that the items are particularly Australian, they are unique, and are available at a price range which allows not only continuity, but also distinction.”
Chris Fenton, Managing Director, Alfa-Laval Spiraflo

There are many reasons to give gifts. Family, friends and loved ones are usually the recipients at such special times as birthdays and Christmas.

Business people are also looking for that something ‘special’ to reward a good client or to make an impression on someone of influence. They are certainly not looking for mass produced items for these types of gifts. But regardless of how important the recipient may be to them, they still want the item to be affordable, not only for their own benefit, but because they do not want to embarrass the recipient either.

Barbara GabogrecanI am an artist and taught art for over 13 years at the National Gallery of Victoria. I get a great deal of pleasure from creating ‘wearable works of art’. We usually think of art work as something to be framed and hung on the wall – and I have done that too, having had 6 sell out exhibitions of my silk paintings. But I wanted the ordinary person to be able to wear with pride, an accessory, that was a real work of art.



I developed a range of silk scarves, where every single one is hand painted, ensuring that the finished work is original. Even if the design is based on one original drawing – the end results have to be distinctive by the very nature that they are executed by hand with free flowing colour.


View my painting technique.  This video is also listed on page one of You Tube under the keyword 'silk painting'.

The gift you have been looking for

It does not matter who you want to give a gift to, you are usually looking for it to have certain attributes:-

  Is it affordable?

  Is it unique?

  Is it appealing?

  Is it of high quality?

  Does it suit different age groups?

  Can you find it without having to spend a lot of time searching?

  Is it light weight and easy to pack? (especially for overseas gifts or ones that have to be mailed)


The Gabogrecan Scarves

A Gabogrecan Original Hand Painted Scarf fills all the criteria mentioned above.
It also has the additional attributes of:-

  Using Australian Fauna and Flora designs

  Having won 7 of the Australian Gift of the Year Awards

  It can have your name (or business name) written with the artist’s signature

  Around 10 colours are used on each scarf ensuring a vibrant ‘painterly’ look

  Each scarf is signed by the Artist

  Each package has a short bio of the Artist included

 “I have seen Gabogrecan develop an attractive unified product range, highly suitable for Japanese tourists, and for gift giving within Japan itself...........I would expect Japan to become, in time, a major market for Gabogrecan products............the success, as it comes, will be as a result of artistic flair, business acumen and hard work, not an unplanned accident. It will be richly deserved.”
Peter Mackian - Senior Trade Counsellor (Japan) - Austrade


 “I believe Gabogrecan has a high quality product and has displayed considerable foresight in exploring export opportunities for the product in a planned and professional manner.”
Janine Kirk - Senior Trade Counsellor - Australian Chamber of Manufacturers


“.......Gabogrecan Enterprises the Australian Wheat Board with unique and beautifully hand made silk scarves depicting Australian scenery.........quality and presentation is of a very high standard......”
Angelique Adler - Market Promotions - Australian Wheat Board

You can give an original, beautiful, distinctive hand painted scarf that will touch the heart of those you wish to thank and reward. The exotic, colourful, dynamic results will amaze you when you see how the luminosity of the silk texture adds a dimension to the rich colours and organic contours.

Guarantee – if you are not completely happy with the scarf, simply return in good condition and in its original packaging within 30 days and your money will be refunded, no questions asked.


“Gabogrecan products, with their vivid colours and highly “Australian” look, have been one of our most successful promotional items - especially with overseas visitors.”
John Cavana - Group Communication Manager
Zurich Australia Insurance Group

Product Available

* Each scarf is hand painted to order.

* The motif is placed at one end of the scarf

* There is a cost of $2.95 postage and handling for delivery anywhere in the world.

1. Artist's Choice

A selection of the artist's favourite designs.

Current designs available (description includes photo, colour, size, cost etc.)

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2. Voucher Range

Selected designs for all voucher holders (description includes photo, colour, size, cost etc.)

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